Bug @ Bl*pkMark*t 1.2

by Alex Chandra » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 15:34:30 GMT

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 Klo misalnya gw punya Smart Keyboard Pr* 1.27.. trus kluar apdet 1.28.2..
kan tinggal ke tab 'Update',  klik di app yg bersangkutan, trus tekan tombol
'Update'.. masalahnya, abis gw apdet, ke-detect-nya yg installed masih 1.27,
jadi Smart Keyboard Pr*-nya gak ilang dari tab Update.. -___-"

Yg laen pada ngalamin hal yg sama gak yah? soalnya blon prnah baca ad yg
complain masalah ini di milis.. :P


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I'm writing unit tests for a ListActivity in Android that uses a
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public class SampleActivityTest extends ActivityUnitTestCase<SampleActivity> {

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    public void test() throws Exception {
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        assertTrue(listView.getCount() == 1);



Ricardo Gladwell <ricardo.gladw...@gmail.com>


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