ADP1 now $329!

by Richard Makaras » Thu, 21 Jan 2010 02:32:01 GMT

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1. How to export mediaplayer on 2.2?

Hi every one.
I found one change of mediaplyer in froyo.
Older version, medialplaer can't play stream if mp4 moov data located
behind of mdata
in froyo, It can~!
my country, lot's of mp4 on web, moov data located behind, so i can't
play mp4 stream.
device update to froyo not yet. so i want export mediaplayer and use
lower version.
can i do that? and how to ?


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Dear all,


Dimana saya bisa beli buku Android Programming? Karena ak sudah daftar <>  tapi aku tidak
mendapatkan informasi di mana ak bisa mendapatkan voucer dan caranya.

Terima kasih semuanya.


"Indonesian Android Community [id-android]" 

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