Apache STDCXX library

by Mattaku Betsujin » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 03:19:25 GMT

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Has anyone ported Apache C++ Standard Library (STDCXX) onto Android?



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1. Preventing wifi interface from shutting down

     I have an issue with android-rowboat-froyo-2.2, running on the
Gumstix Overo (TI OMAP3503) + Palo43 expansion board (nearly
equivalent to the BeagleBoard design), whereby the wifi connection
drops in under a minute. I am using the android-rowboat-eclair-2.6.32
kernel branch, and in my defconfig, I have disabled CONFIG_PM_SUSPEND.
There was a system property in android, can't recall where, but I saw
it while going through the sources, that specified that the board
should not use power management. This is not for a mobile application,
and the requirement is to keep the wifi connection always on.

I am using a Ralink RT3070STA usb wifi module.

Is there anyway to force the wifi to stay connected? I've noticed that
after it drops the connection, if I click on a link in the browser, it
doesn't attempt to automatically re-establish the network connection.

Best regards,

Elvis Dowson

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Hi there,

i was refactoring some of my code today and wanted to minimze buffer
object binds. My use case is it to bind a vertex buffer/index buffer
pair once and batch up rendering as much as possible. Each batch is
uploaded to the currently bound vbo.

This works as expected on all tested devices (Nexus One, Droid,
Samsung Galaxy) but fails on the HTC Hero with stock Android 1.5. I
haven't updated the Hero to test exactly that kind of problems.

I have compiled a small in depth description with a reproduceable test
example. Both can be found at:


I consulted with a couple of people whom i consider OpenGL experts and
they all agreed that the way i handle the vbo/ibo is indeed correct
and standard compliant.

It would help if some people with an update Hero could try it out and
see whether the problem persists.

Should i file a bug on the Android bug tracker?


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