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1. top 10 ideas to make money from your Blogs.[finance4u.yolasite]


top 10 ideas to make money from your
Blogs.[finance4u.yolasite]< http://www.***.com/ ;

Blogging is a great way to make money. We all know that there are great
potential to build a handsome paying career with blogging. We have unlimited
opportunity to monetize our blogs. This article is a step in identifying top
10 ideas to make money from your Blogs. We know what blogging is. If you are
looking for a simple definition, logging means speaking out It is also
called as weblog. There are various places that allow you to create blog for
free. For example  http://www.***.com/  is the oldest and easiest of
places to create your first blog.  http://www.***.com/  is another place
to create your blog for free. When we are looking to make money blogging, we
are not looking at these free blogging. We are looking at paid hosting
accounts where you are provided a blogging script like wordpress inside your
control panel. There are many ways available to monetize your blogs. This
article will help you identify those options and implement them.

1.Google Adsense Once you have set up your blog,the first step is to join
Google Adsense. Visit  http://www.***.com/ 
To get yourself accepted, your website must have quality original content.
It also requires quantity. Any adsense expert will vouch that adsense simple
seem to love content. Once you have content, you must improve the traffic to
your blog.Without traffic, your application may get rejected. So make sure
you manage some traffic to your blog before you apply. Once you are accepted
follow the instructions and copy paste the codes inside your blogs to begin
earning from your traffic. Always respect TOS of adsense so that your
account does not get banned. There is huge potential to earn money with
adsense. It also helps you make money passively. There are many alternatives
like Adbrite, Miva, Oxado but, adsense is the best.

2.Affiliate marketing < http://www.***.com/ #>.
Affiliate marketing is considered as a great opportunity for bloggers. All
you have to do is find the products that are related to your niches and
promote these products. When you make a sale, you receive a handsome profit.
There are great affiliate markets available online.You can use commission
junction or clickbank
< http://www.***.com/ #>to begin a
career. There are many more affiliate programs available online.

3.Sponsored Review. Sponsored Review. This is a great opportunity for
bloggers. This is also very simple. You write a nice review about a product
or a service in your blogs and pocket a handsome fee for doing so. There are
many review networks online like sponsored and pay per
You can join and add your blogs to these networks. They do have a good
section of offers and you can bid on those offers. If you are selected you
will be requested to write a review. There are some terms and conditions
that go along with these opportunities like having the review in your home
page for 24hours or more etc. If we follow the guidelines we can afford to
make a handsome income using this opportunity.

 4.Selling Adverti{*filter*}ts. This is also a very popular idea to make money
with your blogs. You can sell the banner adverti{*filter*}t or text link
adverti{*filter*}ts personally or join those networks like that is
allowing people to join and bid for adverti{*filter*}t spots. This is another
great opportunity to monetize your blogs. There are forums and sites
allowing you to sell ad space like digital point and sitepointforums.

5.CPM Advertising networks. These are networks that pay according to your
page impression. There are networks that offer these opportunities. If you
are having a blog with high page view this is a tailor made offer for you.
You can simply join one of those advertising networks and place a banner in
your blog. Simple Google search will give you a healthy result of these

6.CPA networks. CPA is more than PPC or CPM. Here you make money once some
kind of action takes place. Usually you get paid once the visitor signs up.
These offers do not involve spending a lot of money and when compared to
Affiliate marketing this has the more chance of converting. You can use this
opportunity to make a good income for you.

7.Monetizing your RSS feeds. This is a good opportunity. You can monetize
your blogs using RSS subscription. When a visitor joins your blog RSS
subscription he will be sent a mail whenever an update takes place inside
your website. Now, these feed will carry your adverti{*filter*}ts. There are
Services like Feedburner that carries your Adsense adverti{*filter*}ts via Feeds.
This is a great opportunity and you can use this opportunity to monetize
your blogs.

 8.Selling an ebook. To sell your ebook via your blog, you must have good
dedicated visitors. If your visitors believe you have something to offer on
the topic, the ebook will be a great success. If you have niche blog this
opportunity is for you. Develop your rapport with your viewers. Create a
base for an ebook. Provide great value to the buyers. This means you can
continue selling a lot of ebooks successfully using your blog.

9. Consultation or Private coaching. If you have a good blog, if it is based
on a niche, well you have a great chance here. You can consult people and
provide private coaching so that they understand the topic from your
experience. There are blogs that charge over 100 dollars for a private
membership. If your visitors consider yourself as an authority, you have a
great chance here.

10.Sell your blogs. Create a blog, create a good content,generate some
traffic and sell is the concept behind this opportunity. Usually niche based
blogs sells a lot using this opportunity. What you do here is very simple.
You create a blog with some good quality articles, generate traffic by
building good traffic and list your blog for sales. You can list you blogs
for sales in Digital point forums, sitepoint forums and websites that allows
you to list. This opportunity is spreading fast among the webmasters. Quick
bucks is what driving this market. As a tradition player, I just don like
to sell my blog yet. But the amount of transaction that is involved is
tremendous. One day I may also consider joining the bandwagon.


PPC Management - An Effective Part For PPC Adverti{*filter*}t[finance4u.yolasite]
< http://www.***.com/ {*filter*}t-finance4u-yolasite->
98 Tips Which You LOve Most For MakIng money[finance4u.yolasite]
< http://www.***.com/ ;
Directory Assistance - How Can I Help Your Blog?[finance4u.yolasite]
< http://www.***.com/ ;


2. 98 Tips Which You LOve Most For MakIng money[finance4u.yolasite]



98 Tips Which You LOve Most For MakIng money[finance4u.yolasite]

Cut Out TV Time *Instead of watching other people doing what they love
(actors, athletes, etc.) while you sit on the couch, why not invest the time
into becoming an Inspired Money Maker. The average US home has the TV on for
over 3,000 hours per year. A 40 hour/week job is only 2,000 hours per year.

   1. *Read hink and Grow Rich
   2. *Have a Sense of Humor*
   3. *Be Yourself*
   4. *Don Hide Yourself Be Accessible*
   5. *Visualize Your Goals Daily*
   6. *Have an Opinion*
   7. *Compliment People*
   8. *Stop Letting Fancy Sounding Coffee Steal Your Dreams* $5.50 coffee
   and snacks each day cost you $2,000/year. That could be invested into your
   Inspired Money Maker dreams instead. Use the money to start a business,
   purchase equipment, take courses, go to a seminars, etc.
   9. *Learn to Listen*
   10. *Be a Simplifier, Not a Complicator*
   11. *Learn From Your Mistakes, But Don Be Afraid to Make Them*
   12. *Be Humble*
   13. *Read he Science of Getting Richby Wallace Wattles*
   14. *Get E{*filter*}d*
   15. *Be Original. Be Grateful. Be courageous.
   16. *Be Unreasonable*
   17. *Stop Being Negative* Stop justifying that youe just being
   realistic. See things as they really are, not worse than they are. Then,
   take it a step further and see things better than they are.
   18. *Take Action*
   19. *Be Nice to People*
   20. *Create Your Own Luck*
   21. *Stop Pretending to be a Victim*
   22. *Don Worry What Others Think, That Their Business*
   23. *Learn to Master Your Habits*
   24. *Do Something New*
   25. *Use Affirmations Daily*
   26. *Beat the Odds* When you encounter an obstacle, realize that each
   obstacle you get through with your determination also eliminates 80% of your
   competition. Keep going, don give up and your odds will improve every step
   of the way.
   27. *Just Do It*
   28. *Believe in Yourself* Nobody else is going to do it for you. Start
   now, in this moment.
   29. *Don be Good, Don be Great, Be Outstanding*
   30. *Never Stop Growing*
   31. *Give to Get*
   32. *Plant Your Flag, Commit to the Inspired Money Maker Path*
   33. *Connect With Your Spirit
Guides*< http://www.***.com/ ;
   34. *Don Talk Small About Yourself*
   35. *Avoid Bureaucracy*
   36. *Focus Your Energy*
   37. *Read Books*
   38. *Invest in the Tools Youl Need* Stop being cheap and invest in
   the tools you may need to succeed.
   39. *Have Integrity*
   40. *Always Be Creating Your Story*
   41. *Start an Idea Journal, Capture Everything*
   42. *Pay Attention to Your Dreams*
   43. *Assume You Won Live Forever, The Time To Do This is NOW*
   44. *Don Gossip, Network* Cut out wasted time gossiping on the phone
   with your friends. Instead, get your friends into making money doing what
   they love and then each hour you spend on the phone will be networking
   towards both of you growing your Inspired Money Maker ventures.
   45. *Aim to Improve the Universe. Think Big*
   46. *Don Give Up*
   47. *Get a Psychic Reading*
   48. *Make it Fun*
   49. *Trust Your Gut* When it comes to logic vs intuition. Go with your
   gut, then justify it with logic later.
   50. *Believe in Others*
   51. *Skip the Party, Work on Your Dreams Instead*
   52. *Challenge the Status Quo*
   53. *Learn a Positive Word Every Day*
   54. *Get Help Where Needed* Don try doing everything yourself. If you
   need web-design, hire a web designer. If you need logo design, hire a logo
   designer. If you need accounting done, hire an accountant. Try not to do too
   much yourself. Focus on what you love doing and find a way to monetize it.
   55. *Instill Confidence in Others*
   56. *Email a Stranger, Propose a Win / Win Relationship*
   57. *Take Time to Relax*
   58. *Start a Blog and Document Your Journey*
   59. *Digg, Stumble, Bookmark this Post and Get 9,639 Universal Karma
   Points [image: :)] *
   60. *Model Successful People* Read biographies, books, Blogs. Study
   successful people. Find someone who already accomplished what you want to
   accomplish and model their beliefs, their behaviors etc.
   61. *Replace Your Bathroom Reader with a Self-Help Book*
   62. *Take Two Weeks Off Work, Stay Home and Work on Your Inspired Money
   Maker Plans. Tell Everyone Else Youe Out of the Country.*
   63. *Repeat Your Affirmations In Your Head Until You Fall Asleep at Night
   64. *Choose Financial Abundance, Stop Believing that Money is a Dirty
   65. *Compete With Yourself, Not Others*
   66. *Smile and Make People Laugh*
   67. *Make and Carry Your Personal Business Cards*
   68. *Be Polite, But Don Be Afraid to Express Yourself Either*
   69. *Don Waste Time on Stupid Crap* Does your desk really need to be
   cleaned again this week? Do your books really need to be alphabetically
   70. *Watch What People Do, Not What they Say They Do*
   71. *Help Someone Out*
   72. *Think ow Do I Increase My Income by $10,000not ow Do I Cut
   Expenses by $100
   73. *Be Nice to Yourself*
   74. *Get Rid of Stinkin Thinkin* Stop the endless negative chatter in
   your mind. Re-focus your internal questions on the positive.
   75. *Enjoy the Journey*
   76. *Network with People You Feel Comfortable With*
   77. *Don Use Your Kids as an Excuse*
   78. *Learn to Forgive* Stop wasting energy holding grudges. Forgiving
   someone is not the same as condoning whatever they did. It is simply letting
   go of the pent up negative energy inside you because it doesn serve you
   anymore. Let it go.
   79. *Try Immersion Learning*
   80. *Find a Mentor / Coach, Don Let Lack of Money Be Your Excuse*
   81. *Give Referrals, Ask for Referrals*
   82. *Don Complain. Put the Violin Away. Nobody Wants to Hear It*
   83. *Stop Looking for Shortcuts. Steady Wins the Race.*
   84. *Share Your Success with Others*
   85. *Don Hang Around Negative People.* Hang Out With Other Inspired
   Money Makers
   86. *Buy Wrinkle Free Dress Pants* Saves you time on having to iron
   87. *Don Believe Your Excuses*
   88. *Write in a Journal*
   89. *Don Underestimate the Fear of Success*
   90. *Be Decisive
   91. *Meditate*
   92. *Convert Your Car Into a Personal Development University* Turn off
   the Radio and Listen to Audio Courses and Seminars in the Car
   93. *Hire Someone to Mow the Lawn, Work On Your Dreams Instead*
   94. *Sleep When Youe Dead *Stop sleeping 8-12 hours a day. Try 6
   hours / night for 30 days and see how you feel. Most people sleep so much
   because theye depressed about their life. Work on being an Inspired Money
   Maker and you won want to sleep.
   95. *Use Law of Attraction*
   96. *Send Gifts to People*
   97. *Ask for What You Want* Erase the fantasy from your head that
   others should know what you want. Ask for what you want, always. Stop
   talking about what you didn get, and focus on what you want.
   98. *Work on Your Communications Skills*


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