Tab Icons

by Pikoh » Tue, 19 Oct 2010 19:45:00 GMT

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 Hi all,

just a simple question..anyone knows of any icon packs for android
tabhost? Let's say I'm not good at drawing.. :)


Tab Icons

by Christophe » Tue, 19 Oct 2010 23:52:36 GMT 

this is the only icon pack I know with tab variation icon ...
unfortunaly there is not a lot of free "android style" icon available
on the internet :(


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Tab Icons

by Pikoh » Wed, 20 Oct 2010 00:45:44 GMT

 I haven't found any either...that's why this was my last hope. Well,
let's see if any "artist" read this and give us some good pack ;)


Tab Icons

by JonFHancock » Wed, 20 Oct 2010 04:40:43 GMT

 I may be that "artist."  What kind of icons do you want to see?


Tab Icons

by JonFHancock » Wed, 20 Oct 2010 04:42:42 GMT

 Or I should say: what do you want the icons to represent?

There is this, by the way.  I haven't looked through all the links,
but there may be some tab style icons in there. 


Tab Icons

by Pikoh » Thu, 21 Oct 2010 06:09:47 GMT

 Well, thx JonFHancock for your interest,

  in fact now I'm needing some "transport" icons for a proyect: bus,
car, bike, etc.. Also a "favorites" icon (a star?). But maybe
something like this 

would be useful to a lot of coders.


Tab Icons

by JonFHancock » Thu, 21 Oct 2010 16:49:15 GMT

 How is this for a start?

Zip file containing white and gray tab icons for bus, car, bike,
pedestrian, and two types of star in sizes from 512px to 32px: 

Here is a sample image: 

If you like them well enough, I'll tackle making more, and put them up
on a nice site.

My development career in Android revolves around icons (launcherpro
icons app), and I've been itching for a way to contribute something
free to the dev community.  I welcome any feedback in general or
particular about the icons.


Tab Icons

by Pikoh » Thu, 21 Oct 2010 21:46:05 GMT

 Well, i LOVE them,they are great thank you.

  I really encourage you to make more icons. I think many developers
lack design skills as me, and need some good icons packs
for their proyects. Maybe some of them could give you ideas in this

  Great job Jon, and thanks again.


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