Some questions about modding stuff in the source code

by Jean-Baptiste Queru » Sun, 15 Mar 2009 21:30:17 GMT

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 Mark's answers are correct.

A bit of extra precision:

-use the android-platform group if you want to contribute your changes
back to the main Android source for inclusion in future official
releases. Use android-porting if you are working in a copy of the
Android source and don't intend to contribute your changes back.

-the majority of the "new" Android code (i.e. code that was written
specifically for Android as opposed to being re-used from other
open-source projects) is licensed under the Apache License, Version
2.0, which contains some language about copyright, patents and
trademarks. The exact license for each module is clearly mentioned in
the source code. Be mindful of this: 


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