pppd: connect script failed

by ehung1...@gmail.com » Tue, 14 Apr 2009 15:46:00 GMT

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 Hi everyone
I want to make a connection to internet with modem througth pppd
But I got the error when I made a connection.
The error log is "pppd: connect script failed".
The below is my pppd and chat script file.

/** ppp-on ***
echo "PPP is using account ${MYNAME} to connect to ISP ${ISP} ..."
exec /system/bin/pppd -detach modem crtscts \
        /dev/modem 460800 noipdefault defaultroute \
        noauth name ${MYNAME} connect $DIALER_SCRIPT

/**** pppondialer *****
exec /system/usr/bin/chat -v \
ABORT '\nBUSY\r' \
'' 'ATZ' \
OK ATDT*99***1# \

Could someone give me some suggestion?
Thank in advance


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