how to use Remote Service?

by VoCaLiSt » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 12:38:34 GMT

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i`m trying to use Remote Service btween two simple application, But
it`s not easy to me.
So any advice you have will help me.

here`s my case.

I made one app which is playing Music in service,
There are two components.
one is Activity controlling service by using three buttons,
play,pause, stop.
and it is working fine.

and another one is just simple Activity which also has four buttons
when i click bind, it`s confirmed by Toast msg, but when i click play
button,it occurs error.

i want to control first activity`s Music playing service in second
So i`m trying to use remote service.
i made same .aidl file in each app project.
In aidl file, i defined methods  "playing","stoping"
and i implement those methods in Music service class,
implementation is simply use intent and startService & stopService.

In DDMS there is "java.lang.SecurityException : Binder invocation to
an incorrect interface"
that`s the case  what i`m doing.

So please tell me what`s the problem.
any advice could help me.


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