AsyncTask : all onProgressUpdate() done at the end of task

by Romain Guy » Sun, 07 Mar 2010 03:12:59 GMT

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Why are you doing Looper.prepare(); in doInBackground()? Also, what
you are seeing would indeed happen if you are calling get() somewhere
on the UI thread, or otherwise blocking the UI thread after calling
execute() on your task.


AsyncTask : all onProgressUpdate() done at the end of task

by Nicolas H » Tue, 09 Mar 2010 23:28:03 GMT

  am doing Looper.prepare(); in doInBackground() because without that,
it seems that exceptions are not catched.
Without that, if I remember, the application simply crashes...

The last call on my UI thread is thread.execute() (during
onCreate()) , so it seems that no get() is called, even if I don't
know what this
function (get) should do.

I changed my code and instead of loading serialized objects, I build
the dictionary and create objects in the background thread.
And the progress bar is correctly filled when each Family object is

For user it takes about the same time as unserialization (I have not
measured exactly), but the apk is about 850ko (due to big xml files)
contrary to 350ko with file containing serialized objects.

On 6 mar, 20:12, Romain Guy <> wrote:
> >

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