MediaPlayer stops playing when streaming over 3G on the Nexus One

by henrik » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 16:02:36 GMT

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I am maintaining a streaming music player, and I'm running into a
similar problem as +Android/forum/114391/_/593575

My player stop after roughly 1-2 minutes, and there are no log
messages except for "I/AudioHardwareQSD( 52): AudioHardware pcm
playback is going to standby" just after the playback stops.

This happens when I run it on the Nexus One over 3G.  It does not
happen over Wifi, and it does not happen on my HTC Hero with android
1.5 over 3G.

Do you guys have any hints on how to debug this? Is it e.g. possible
to monitor the memory available to the media player object?

All help is appreciated :)

Best regards,


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