Can I have a scrolling element inside another?

by mongd » Mon, 17 May 2010 15:47:16 GMT

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I think I already have the answer, but I just want to make sure if
mine is correct: 'NO'.
As far as I understood, when I put a scrolling element inside another,
the child scrolling element can't be scrolled.
I don't know why, and I think this should be reported as a bug of
Android if this is not some kind of concept or something, so I've been
trying to find a document which describes this, but I failed.

I've seen some responses from several people about this issue and they
all said that I can't have this kind of UI.
What I'm wondering is, is there any 'official' document about this? or
at least is there any bug report/comment from Google that this is not
possible with the current Android?

When I tried to build a screen with a EditText inside of a ScrollView
where the EditText extends as I type more(sure it has its limit, so
once it becomes longer than its limit, it will have a scrollbar), I
can't scroll the text inside of EditText and it really makes me

If there's anyone who can answer this question with any 'official'
reference, that will be greatly appreciated.
Or at least if anyone from Google gives me a response on this matter,
that would be awesome. =D
(My boss wants me to find a legit excuse for this matter, that's why I
want that =(. )

Thank you!


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