Updating cupcake Images to Android Developer Phone

by abhijithvr » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 22:14:29 GMT

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I am working on the cupcake code .We recently bought a ADP phone and
following the steps in

www.htc.com/www/support/android/adp.html , i upgraded to the phone to
Android 1.5 using the images given in the link .

 What we need, is to install the system.img created from compiling the
cupcake source.

 How will I do that ? Any idea ?

 I am able to install my image to the phone by replacing the
system.img of the image zip from HTC with my image.But that
system.image is not identifying the operator network,.

We are doing something on managing voice calls . So we need to use the

Is there any way I can create image which will support a GSM SIM from
cupcake . May be some "make" options.?


 http://groups.google.co.in/group/Android-DevPhone-Updating/browse_thread/thread/8eaa46d05219ec4c/9e5274e90b9e2d26?q=Updating +new+Images+to+Android+Developer+Phone#9e5274e90b9e2d26


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