Application Resources on SDCARD on install!! MUST HAVE, GOOGLE DO SOMETHING!!

by Tjerk Wolterink » Mon, 15 Jun 2009 17:08:15 GMT

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 pps on the sdcard is not the solution. What i want is only the resources of
the app on the sdcard.

I added a comment to the issue:

This is a no-go solution. If apps are installed on the sdcard they can
be copied and
this opens the door for piracy and makes the android market less attractive for
developers. Resulting in fewer apps that are developed for the android platform.

However.. it would be a good thing to save parts of the application on
the sdcard.
For example the /res directory could be saved on the sdcard.

Another possibility is the have a separate partition on the sdcard
that can only be
read by the android system. It will not show up in your computer.

I really need more room for my app: it gets bigger and bigger. However
i donnot want
userse to have the option to install it on the sdcard.


2009/6/15 Al Sutton <>

Tjerk Wolterink @ GMail


Application Resources on SDCARD on install!! MUST HAVE, GOOGLE DO SOMETHING!!

by Delta Foxtrot » Mon, 15 Jun 2009 17:34:12 GMT

 2009/6/15 Tjerk Wolterink <>

And I replied with

"google needs to come up with a real solution locking sold apps to userid's
instead of the half-assed solution they came up with that anyone with
half a brain"
can get round already


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Application Resources on SDCARD on install!! MUST HAVE, GOOGLE DO SOMETHING!!

by Zeeshan Muhammad » Wed, 19 Aug 2009 18:27:06 GMT

 i Tjerk,

your thread is really usefull and i appreciate your research.
i am trying to implement the downloader you suggested but having some
i am wondering which link i needed for
private final static String FILE_CONFIG_URL =

how this config should look like?
how can i put my res files at server (zip? )

at the moment i have these png files on my server which i needed to use as
App resource
private final static String FILE_CONFIG_URL =

On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 11:37 AM, TjerkW <> wrote:


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