Status of Jython, JRuby, Scala, etc Android development?

by remi » Thu, 23 Oct 2008 11:32:55 GMT

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 I'm not to Android development - got my G1 today, like many other
developers.  I'm a professional Ruby developer (with previous Java
experience) and I'm working ... what is the status of writing Android
applications in other Java languages that compile to typical Java
bytecode (like JRuby, Jython, etc)?

( there's nothing wrong with plain vanilla Java, but I would be *very*
interested in developing open-source Ruby libraries to lower the bar
to entry for Android, for Ruby developers ... I'm sure the same goes
for Python developers, etc )



Status of Jython, JRuby, Scala, etc Android development?

by remi » Mon, 27 Oct 2008 16:58:16 GMT

 Interest in this seems pretty high.  I wonder ... does the official
Android team have any interest in getting dynamic languages running on
Dalvik?  The ability to code in Python, Ruby, Groovy, Scala, etc seems
like it could do *amazing* things for Android and multiple the number
of Android developers.

Also, some of these languages (Ruby, in particular) are *great* for
writing DSLs - a DSL for making Android apps could be spectacular.

Anyway, I'm replying with some resource that relate to this topic
incase someone else is interested, etc.

This Sun blog post mentions why dynamic languages currently won't run
on Dalvik, ,
saying "Something like the dx tool can be forced into the phone, so
that Java code could in principle continue to generate bytecodes, yet
have them be translated into a VM-runnable form. But, at present, Java
code cannot be generated on the fly. This means Dalvik cannot run
dynamic languages (JRuby, Jython, Groovy). Yet. (Perhaps the dex
format needs a detuned variant which can be easily generated from

This guy posted what happened when he tried getting JRuby running on

Here are other Google Group posts on other google groups that are also
curious about the status of running dynamic languages on Android /
Dalvik - watch them for updates or, if someone posts updates here, you
might want to let these other threads know as well:

"Java/Ruby Support" 

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Status of Jython, JRuby, Scala, etc Android development?

by remi » Mon, 10 Nov 2008 22:26:19 GMT

 ote: I posted a new thread, asking about this, on android-developers

I don't think I'm cross-posting! I'm asking a fresh new question -
I'd like to find out if there's an official status of running dynamic
languages on Dalvik, somewhere out there. Even if no one is working
on getting dynamic JVM languages running on Dalvik, I'd like to know
that, Obviously, I hope someone out there is working on this, or
considering working on it :P

On Oct 27, 9:57am, remi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Status of Jython, JRuby, Scala, etc Android development?

by remi » Mon, 10 Nov 2008 22:35:50 GMT

 ust stumbled upon this ... looks like someone implemented Jython on
Dalvik???? no idea how stable it
may or may not be ... could be hot, though!

On Nov 10, 3:26pm, remi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

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