plan about video on download(VOD) framework

by ZhangJieJing » Tue, 04 Aug 2009 01:29:53 GMT

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 Hello  Everyone,

I'm a developer of android product, I'm working for the online play without
broswer, like some P2P stream player on our device, I heard someone said
that Google's Android Team have some play on that, I want to know is this
true?  or I must make a framework to P2P stream video play.

Can anyone give some suggestion about how to share memory with the player
The Normal P2P interface is like p2p_read_request(int fd, char *buf, size_t
request_size, time_t block_time);
fd: this is just the id of cache, maybe some is the file descriptor.
buf: is requesting bufer pointer. the download lib will full fill this
request_size: is the size of request. the player can get this memory and
play, in some all-in-one player.
block_time, this is the longest time will waiting.

since we have multi p2p download lib from different vendor, so I start a
server to handle all of this.
But I can't find a good way to share memory to the player (they are in
different process).
the cache is controled by download lib.

Best regards,
Zhang Jiejing


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