my wiki page for building android on ubuntu 10.04

by Robert P. J. Day » Sat, 03 Jul 2010 14:11:15 GMT

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 not to sound self-serving but, in the last couple days, i've had a
few emails from people commenting on a wiki page i put up a while back
on how to install android on ubuntu 10.04: 

not sure why the sudden flurry of interest (did someone link to it?)
but if that page is helpful to anyone, you're welcome to it.

  i haven't looked at it in a few weeks, perhaps i should verify that
it's still correct and if anyone wants to add anything to it, drop me
a note.  (i'm probably going to end up moving it out of the wiki and
under the tutorials tab on my web site soon, but i'll put in a
redirection link.)

  anyway, if you find any typoes, let me know.



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