Recommendation on board to embed android?

by Ralf » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 14:40:13 GMT

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 Is there a list somewhere of embedded boards that support Android?

The context is that I'd like to play with some hardware running
Android as a hobby, to put it in my car. Minimal power
consumption/heat dissipation would be appreciated but not a big issue.
Touchscreen would be requirement, as well as minimal size and USB for
adb. A couple IO ports to plug sensors later would be nice, although I
don't have any clear idea on what I want there -- it's mostly to toy
around, e.g. an accelerometer would be a good start but I don't expect
embedded boards to have that kind of stuff.
I've seen many posts here but generally they are about people having
porting issues, so I'd rather select a board that I know will work
mostly out of the box since I don't particularly enjoy kernel hacking.
Any recommendation?




Recommendation on board to embed android?

by gowtham gowda » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 21:57:44 GMT

 This is the perfect device for you. 

As they already have android running on this board. 



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