upgrade issues and other market problems for developers

by sagesmith » Sun, 01 Mar 2009 02:21:56 GMT

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 We think we have figured out a problem with copy protection and how it
relates to upgrades.


We hope to save developers the headache and one-star ratings we have
received due to this issue (as if the one-stars related to the
inability to download!).

Google really needs to think about developers and attempt to remove
ratings and comments that are clearly related to their bugs not ours.
Otherwise, I don't think they are taking care of developers or users.


upgrade issues and other market problems for developers

by carnivalcom...@gmail.com » Sun, 01 Mar 2009 06:39:27 GMT

 I agree that Google needs to fix these bugs. And until they can be
fixed, at least let it be known to everyone who has a phone what the
problems are.  I'm tired of getting 1 star ratings because my app
won't fully delete right away, which is not my problem. I've even gone
so far as to say this in my description instead of what my app is
about to try and let people know before they download.  I still got an
idiot who gave a 1 star because of the deletion problem.
Google, please address these issues.


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upgrade issues and other market problems for developers

by wayne mcfadden- Red Droid » Mon, 02 Mar 2009 00:30:10 GMT

 I have this problem too. Hopefully google will fix the problem and
remove the one star rankings caused by the download issue. This is
obviosly going to affect everyone who publishes to the marketplace so
just balance it out.

On Feb 28, 2:39 pm, "carnivalcom...@gmail.com"


upgrade issues and other market problems for developers

by csvy » Mon, 02 Mar 2009 15:18:04 GMT

 I have the problem too :(
Do I just instruct the users to uninstall and reinstall?

On Mar 1, 8:30am, wayne mcfadden- Red Droid <waynemcfad...@gmail.com>


upgrade issues and other market problems for developers

by sagesmith » Tue, 03 Mar 2009 02:40:53 GMT

 I agree -these one start rankings with comments related to the
inability to download are effecting everyone now.  But when it is
resolved, it will be penalizing early adopter developers.  Can Google
resond to this?  Should this be posted in a different forum?

On Mar 1, 11:30am, wayne mcfadden- Red Droid


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