Which View/Layout does the Market app (1.6) details activity use?

by westmeadboy » Fri, 26 Feb 2010 17:20:36 GMT

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 I want to do something very similar (in terms of appearance) to the
app details activity of the Market app.

It looks like a cross between linear layout (not all rows the same),
list (scrolling nature), preferences (headings).

My guess is its a linear layout in a scroll view (ignoring activity
header/footer) and the headings are just hard coded...

Is that the best way to do it?


Which View/Layout does the Market app (1.6) details activity use?

by Mark Murphy » Fri, 26 Feb 2010 20:47:07 GMT


My guess was, and is, that it is a ListView with an appropriate ListAdapter.

To have a mixed bag of row types, including some enabled and some not
(headings), you can either roll your own ListAdapter, or use my


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Which View/Layout does the Market app (1.6) details activity use?

by westmeadboy » Fri, 26 Feb 2010 21:01:48 GMT

 Thanks Mark - that MergeAdapter will definitely come in handy for some
other things I'm doing.

In the Market activity, only the "Comments" section can really be
described as a list.

So wouldn't the MergeAdapter only be useful in the situation where
there is more than one sublist?

In my case, I don't really have any sublists. Its a bunch of rows each
with their own header and each (below-each-header-part) very different
from one another.

I've never used ScrollView before. Are there any potential pitfalls
using a LinearLayout within a ScrollView?


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