How to get the license type of each installed package

by Mark Murphy » Tue, 29 Jun 2010 04:47:46 GMT

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What license? I see nothing in the manifest where you would put a license.

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1. RelativeLayout breaks the paradigm of ViewGroup with onMeasure and onLayout

> RelativeLayout does exactly what the documentation says it should be

No, they're not.  They are assigned in onMeasure(). Well, if you want
to get technical, they are calculated in onMeasure(), and assigned in

The size and position should be determined in onLayout.  They are not,
they are determined in onMeasure.  The javadoc explicitly states that
the size and position should be determined in onLayout.  They are not.

In my previous post I stated that this was a problem when you override
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I understand the rationale here.  Obviously it would be inefficient to
calculate all of these values twice. There could be a way around this,
such as having an invalidation flag, which would make onLayout
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Anyways, no big deal.  If I could update it myself, I would update the
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onMeasure and not onLayout.

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2. how can i get all View info of the forground activity

I know ,there is a method to get all view info in the forground
activity,which just need connect port 4939 and send command like "DUMP
43522f60",it will output all view info included in the window
(43522f60) you specified.
the output stream like:

android.widget.imagev...@4349c790 mMeasuredWidth=2,16
mMeasuredHeight=2,16 mPaddingBottom=1,0 mPaddingLeft=1,0
mPaddingRight=1,0 mPaddingTop=1,0 mLeft=1,7 mID=12,id/left_icon
mRight=2,23 mScrollX=1,0 mScrollY=1,0 mBottom=2,20 mTop=1,4
mUserPaddingBottom=1,0 mUserPaddingRight=1,0 getBaseline()=2,-1
getHeight()=2,16 layout_bottomMargin=1,0 layout_leftMargin=1,0
layout_rightMargin=1,9 layout_topMargin=1,0 layout_height=2,16
layout_width=2,16 getTag()=4,null getVisibility()=7,VISIBLE getWidth()
=2,16 hasFocus()=5,false isClickable()=5,false isDrawingCacheEnabled()
=5,false isEnabled()=4,true isFocusable()=5,false
isFocusableInTouchMode()=5,false isFocused()=5,false isInTouchMode()
=4,true isSelected()=5,false isSoundEffectsEnabled()=4,true
willNotCacheDrawing()=5,false willNotDraw()=5,false

but this solution is not in-time and it need almost 3 secs to get
these info. it means too long for me.

so my question is: Does any one konw some in-time solution to get all
view info of the top avtivity. And i want know  which process handle
the "DUMP" command ,in what source code i can get it


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