by Defriando Riza » Wed, 26 May 2010 23:14:22 GMT

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 apps kyak google goggle tp khusus utk art..cocok utk ngeratjoen org2 agar
beralih ke android.. 

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Hi all,

I am trying to put the ImgeButton on the home screen of the Android  & if
the user clicks the button he/she will be taken to the My Activity.

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I want to hide some info (encryption keys) in a private area.  I know
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basically comes down to - there's no security :-)  just kidding.

It seems like the data you have in your private area --


is only accessible to your application, so it would be sufficient to
store anything (like encryption keys for example) in just plain text
files there if you wanted.

the big drawback of doing this though is that a "rooted" phone would
be able to access that area -- therefore, no security.

does "copy protection" solve this problem?  if I "copy protect"
my .apk bundle, I know that that makes it so that it cannot be seen by
"rooted" phones in the Android Market, but what about if the .apk
bundle got out in the wild (i.e. posted on some website, not via
market).  Would a "rooted" phone then be able to grab and install
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