How to set selection of editText by using SendKeyEvent function of InputConnection class

by DrBrain » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 02:06:02 GMT

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 I need to set selection of an editText box via InputConnection. I used
the SendKeyEvent function with the KEYCODE_DPAD_LEFT and META_SHIFT_ON
state but I've had no luck. My code is as below:

// I've already received hardware key event of DPAD left key as event
parameter in this function.

// Change the meta state of event parameter to META_SHIFT_ON
event = new KeyEvent(event.getDownTime(), event.getEventTime(),
                        event.getAction(), event.getKeyCode(), 
                        event.getDeviceId(), event.getScanCode());
InputConnection ic = getCurrentInputConnection();

After excuting the code, there still no selection in the EditText.

Could somebody help me to resolve this ?

Thanks in advance.


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