Dialogs: in(determinate) vs. spinner/horizontal style

by Keith Wiley » Sat, 11 Apr 2009 09:14:52 GMT

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 I thought an indeterminate dialog was the circle and a "determinate"
one was a progress bar, but now I see that these properties are set
orthogonally.  You can call setIndeterminate(true/false) entirely
independent of calling setProgressStyle(STYLE_HORIZONTAL/
STYLE_SPINNER).  All four combinations are possible.  So, if the style
call sets whether it is a spinner or a bar (it does, I have verified
this), then was does "indeterminacy" refer to?  What aspect of a
ProgressDialog is it setting?  As far as I can tell, my dialogs look
and behave exactly the same no matter how I set the indeterminacy.

Thank you.

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