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1. Activity Stack Problem

Hi All,

When i leave my app after pressing home button and then re launch it from
menus it behaves in a strange way.

Sometimes it launches the same activity on which i pressed home button.

But sometimes it launches the first activity of my app. One reason for this
could be that whenever system has memory shortage it clears any activities
existing in


But the strange thing is if i press back button from first activity it takes
me back to the same activity on which i pressed home button and all other

activities  are also there(like if i press back button again previous
activities also exist.)

I haven't set any launching mode for any activity in my app(like single
instance etc).

What i don't need is that previous activities load on pressing back button
on first activity.

pleases help...

Hassan Imtiaz


2. Start ACTION_CALL activity from service on Motorola Milestone

I have a problem with starting ACTION_CALL activity from my service on
Motorola Milestone after upgrade to 2.1 - update1 firmware version.

I have a very simple (worked before) code.

Intent dialIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_CALL, Uri.parse("tel://"
+ dialOutNumber));

Now looks like InCallScreen "hangs up" after set audio mode or
ActivityManager "blocks" InCallScreen activity
The phone does call, but the screen is black and locked.

If I start ACTION_CALL activity from my activity - all right.

Looks at the log:

07-01 00:42:39.617: INFO/ActivityManager(1282): Starting activity:
Intent { act=android.intent.action.CALL dat=tel:5247519 flg=0x10000000
cmp=com.android.phone/.OutgoingCallBroadcaster }
07-01 00:42:39.664: DEBUG/PhoneUtils(6381):
checkAndCopyPhoneProviderExtras: some or all extras are missing.
07-01 00:42:40.679: DEBUG/InCallScreen(6381): placeCall()...  intent =
Intent { act=android.intent.action.CALL dat=tel:5247519 flg=0x10800000
cmp=com.android.phone/.InCallScreen (has extras) }
07-01 00:42:40.679: DEBUG/InCallScreen(6381):
checkIfOkToInitiateOutgoingCall: ServiceState = 0
07-01 00:42:40.679: DEBUG/PhoneUtils(6381): placeCall: '5247519'...
07-01 00:42:40.710: DEBUG/PhoneUtils(6381): ===> phone.dial()
returned:  incoming: false state: DIALING post dial state: NOT_STARTED
07-01 00:42:40.710: DEBUG/PhoneUtils(6381):
07-01 00:42:40.710: DEBUG/AudioHardwareMot(1055):
07-01 00:42:40.710: DEBUG/AudioHardwareMot(1055): AudioMgr:setMode
07-01 00:42:40.710: INFO/MYPhoneService(6437): Telephony OFFHOOK
Here the screen is black and locked ~ 3 min. Only status panel
available. Call ends. After some timeout see InCallScreen... If start
from the Activity - the InCallScreen apears right after call start.
07-01 00:45:14.031: DEBUG/InCallScreen(6381): placeCall:
PhoneUtils.placeCall() succeeded for regular call '5247519'.
07-01 00:45:14.031: DEBUG/DTMFTwelveKeyDialer(6381): closeDialer()...
07-01 00:45:14.031: DEBUG/DTMFTwelveKeyDialer(6381): clearDigits()...
07-01 00:45:14.031: DEBUG/PhoneApp(6381): updateProximitySensorMode:
state = OFFHOOK
07-01 00:45:14.031: DEBUG/PhoneApp(6381): updateProximitySensorMode:
lock already released.
07-01 00:45:14.031: DEBUG/PhoneApp(6381): isInDockMode bInDockMode
is : false
07-01 00:45:14.039: DEBUG/StatusBar(1282): DISABLE_EXPAND: yes

I can send full log, but it is really big.

Thanks, in advance.


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