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1. Android porting on IMX31 board

Hi mike,

 Now I have finally decided to use u  r kernel for the project it is latest
kernel which u have sent me.
 I went through the "make menuconfig" of kernel which u have sent me
surprisingly I found there was support
 for freescale i.mx31 borad in kernel itself!

 I have few questions to ask to u.

1. If freescale Imx31 board support is given in the release of Android
kernel linux2.6.25 , can I generate a kernel image which can directly work
with my board with any diff's and patches?  There is a option for
enable/disable for goldfish drivers in kernel , I can disable it by which I
dont think so any of the goldfish related things can come into picture ! is
there any thing other I have to disable???

2. I tried to compile u r kernel sources which u sent me, but it was giving
some compilation errors, I m using codesoucery gcc-none-eabi  toolchains,
but I am getting  unknow errors(at least to me!).

3. Can u send me u r .config (I believe this is the file which contains the
details of all wat we would have selected in make menuconfig), so that I can
place the same file which u have complied for, and again I do make
menuconfig by which I will get u r configration !, now I can only change the
platform from this make menuconfig and compile it for once to get image
related to my target.

correct me if I m wrong anyways.

Best Regards,
Rajesh N

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2. I need change wifi AP information on GPS check my position.

I need a application do "change wifi AP information on GPS check my

such as,

office: AP name: office, static ip

home AP name: home, dhcp

if there are not , I am ready to write one.



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