eclipse dev question really

by dashman » Sat, 19 Sep 2009 23:55:18 GMT

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 i've got multiple workspaces and one of them is not android.

but when i switch to that workspace - it tells me that the android
sdk is not available (i entered a folder that no longer is there) and
looks like it tries to start adb.

is there anyway in eclipse - that for this workspace, do not
attempt to initialize the android plugin - and resulting in trying
to find the sdk folder and load adb.

for this particialar workspace - i do not want anything android.



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1. Contacts-based app force-closing on Droid, unable to repro

I'm having problems with my application on Droid phones. I am unable
to reproduce the problems in the emulator. A co-worker of mine with a
Droid also has no issues running my app. Any help you can provide
would be much appreciated.

My application is called Dialify. It's open source; you can find the
code here:

My app queries the contacts DB to display a list of contacts. The user
can select contacts to turn them into notifications that can be dialed/

Droid users reported 2 problems:

1) Contacts not appearing
2) App force-closes when they begin to scroll through the contacts

My app creates a cursor over the contacts DB to display contacts. I
realized problem #1 was due to using the API level 5 method of access
which only shows contacts for the master account. I fixed this, but
the force-close issue remains.

Unfortunately, I am unable to replicate a force-close in the emulator.
I thought maybe it was the number of contacts and created about 200 of
them, to no avail. It's been happening to users who use Exchange and
users who do not, so I haven't tried getting Exchange contacts into
the Emulator.

This is how my deployed app retrieves contacts today:

Here are some of the changes I made for API level 6 compatibility:

//"Phone" is android.provider.ContactsContract.CommonDataKinds.Phone
private static final String[] PROJECTION = new String[] {
        ContactsContract.Data._ID,  //0
        Phone.DISPLAY_NAME,         //1
        Phone.TYPE,                 //2
        Phone.LABEL,                //3
        Phone.NUMBER,               //4
        Phone.CONTACT_ID            //5

private static final String SORT_PHONES_ASC =
        "upper(" + Phone.DISPLAY_NAME + "),"
        + Phone.TYPE + ","
        + "upper(" + Phone.LABEL + ")";

//"Data" is android.provider.ContactsContract.Data
String selection = Data.MIMETYPE + "='" + Phone.CONTENT_ITEM_TYPE +

//here's the query itself:
return _context.getContentResolver().query(
                selectionArgs, //will be null in this case
                sort.getSort() //will be SORT_PHONES_ASC, above

//to display the contact I turn it into an internal type (Contact)
//_contactTypes comes from resources.getStringArray

public Contact getContactAtCursor(Cursor cursor) {
        int typeId = cursor.getInt(2);
        String type = (typeId == Phone.TYPE_CUSTOM) ? cursor.getString(3) :
_contactTypes[typeId - 1];

        return new Contact(
                        cursor.getLong(0),   //id
                        cursor.getLong(5),   //contact ID
                        cursor.getString(1), //display name
                        cursor.getString(4), //number

I realize I can bring up a contact selector using an Intent, but I
don't think that will work for me. My app has a custom view of
contacts, and it always displays the contacts list.

Any guidance, suggestions, feedback or help would be most welcome. I'm
not sure how to proceed with this issue.



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