MediaRecorder buffering

by RFuente » Thu, 21 Oct 2010 19:22:34 GMT

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 Hi everyone!

I've been working with MediaRecorder for a while and still keep up
discovering funny things about this class. I have two instances: one
of them records video and the other one records audio (why I don't
implement this with just one instance will be long to explain xD).

At the same time I am sending stored data via UDP to a remote machine
(running Java). The thing is that audio data is being received in
bursts and I've managed to find this is due to the way MediaRecorder
stores data. Do you know if it always behaves in the same way? At the
moment, data is being stored into the SD card, has any of you tried
writing into internal storage or maybe directly into a socket file

I know mine is not the best approach but it's still under development
(Android 1.6).

If anyone could give a hand it would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


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