Multi-APN Support

by tushus » Tue, 09 Feb 2010 01:41:51 GMT

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is Multi-APN (where different apps use different APNs simultaneously)
supported in Android 2.1 (Eclairs)?


Multi-APN Support

by Anonymous Anonymous » Tue, 09 Feb 2010 13:24:27 GMT

 Not yet  , i see some latest communication here.


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1. Announcing OpenCORE 2.04 release

OpenCORE 2.04 has been released and is now available on the master
branch.  There is a git tag "v2.04" marking the version.  Below is a
summary of the changes since the previous release.  The same
information is also included in the ChangeLog file in the top-level
directory of the OpenCORE code.

New Features
- Created external download datastream. An external download
datastream is introduced to allow for an external entity to pass a
datastream interface to the player SDK.  The external entity is
responsible for doing the actual download of the media data.  Full
support in Android is not complete until playerdriver changes and more
unit testing is done.

- Fixed cache option in Oscl_File
Adding an option to configure the Oscl file cache to use one or more
fixed caches in addition to the movable cache.

- Modify author engine to contain a notion of "authoring clock"
Author engine has the option to pass an "authoring clock" to media
input components so that they can use this to sync audio and video
timestamps.  Author engine has been modified to own a PVMFMediaClock.
Author engine provides a pointer to its to data source node (media
input node typically) at the end of author engine Init cycle, using
PVMF_AUTHORING_CLOCK_KEY.  No media input component changes were done.
All media input components used in author engine unit test currently
operate from a file and have no need for such a clock, but some device
media input components can make use of the clock if needed in the
future, since author engine will pass the clock pointer all the time
to data sources.

- Shoutcast (of MP3) support
Shoutcast support of MP3 and internet radio streaming is added.

- Enable AAC PDL Support
More robust support of PDL of AAC content, including underflow

- Add support for 3GPP2 speech (EVRC, QCELP etc) in MP4 FF library.
Support for the 3GPP2 speech codecs is added at the file format
library level.  No 3GPP2 speech codecs are added.

- OpenMAX encoder and decoder unit test suite

- Use external filehandle in Android

- Introduce new macro to android makefiles to enable 2way

- Add support for "all" metadata key in CPM plugins.  This feature
provides a single key to request that all available metadata be
- Add support for OMX_ColorFormatCbYCrY
- OMX video dec node now sets the codec parameters (width/height etc.)
in the output port of the omx component.
- A loadable module for the OMA1 passthru CPM plugin now exists.  It
serves as an example for creating a loadable CPM plugin.
- Compressed testcases have been added in Authior Engine unit tests to
author 3gp file from AVC and M4V and AAC bitstreams
- Added checks to verify that the PCM output of the mp3 frame will not
exceed the output buffer size, so the mp3 decoder / OMX component is
nore robust.
- Removed unnecessary "ComponentGetRolesOfComponent" methods from OMX
- Restored "/x-pvmf/ff-mux/mp4" MIME Type in Author engine.
- Modified the Initial AVC buffers so that the image that appears
initially is black (not green/pink) if I-frame is missing.
- Fixed the IFrameInterval setting in the OpenMAX video encoder node.
- Added the ability to pass a peer PvmiCapabilityAndConfig interface
to the Media I/O (MIO) components using the Capability Exchange.  The
purpose is to allow the MIO components to set and get parameters
(i.e., drive the process) rather than on relying on the media output
node to do it.
- Added checks to the OMX components to verify that the buffer size
(in allocate/use buffer) (nAllocLen) is adequate (i.e. >= than
- Updated OMX components so that standard component roles can be
queried as well as set.
- AMR-NB common library modified to mark the proper symbol exports and
moved some functions to encoder and decoder libraries instead of
- Updated h264 decoder to take advantage of the fact that there will
be no in-band SPS/PPS NALs for the mime Video dec node prevents in-
band SPS/PPS for the format PVMF_MIME_H264_VIDEO_MP4
- Add macro for enabling build of pv test engine executables in
- Remove 12-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit routines from Android libraries
- Modified OMX timestamps to be in in microseconds rather than
milliseconds as specified in the OMX spec 1.1.2.
- Improvements and workarounds for non-compliant OMX components
- Replace OPEN_FILE_ONCE_PER_TRACK macro with member variable
aOpenFileOncePerTrack in mp4ffparser lib
- 2way: send data fragment by fragment from parser side
- Added a new function to convert PVMFStatus to human friendly strings
- Implement logic to choose correct OMX component when decoding
streaming H264
- OMX dec nodes should report error and not even call config parser if
config data is missing (but is required by the format)
- Update playerdriver.cpp to send "disable-firewall-packets" KVP key
based on system Android property

Bugs Fixed
- Moov atom is not being written into .3gp file if Author driver does
not close file handle.
- omx mp4 component in no-marker-bit mode crashes when playing a
certain clip
- Error handling incase of input other then 8K AMR
- Add PVReleaseInterface method to OMX shared library interfaces
(components + main)
- pull sdcard while recording causes media server to crash
- Changes to buffering status notifications while streaming
- OMX nodes should not send repositioning request to OMX component
until config data has been processed by OMX components
- Crash in the author SDK as part of engine Reset
- If SSRC is not provided in setup response, then pvplayer client
doesn't send firewall packets to the server
- PVAuthorEngineNodeUtility::NodeCommandCompleted does not check
whether iCmdQueue is empty
- AMR Local Playback -> FF to EOS when repeat song is on will cause a
force crash
- some source nodes will put same timestamp for DataTS in old stream
id and DiscardTS
- Change pv omx encoder node to default
iOMXComponentNeedsNALStartCodes to false and do sanity check
- When reconfig happen,SinkNode should send reconfig notification with
FormatSpecificInfo to MIO
- Race condition - If port settings event and node stop command arrive
simultaneously - omx component may fail port flush command
- Mp3FFParserNode: Memory leak in Duration Calculator
- Playback clock starts even before PlayerEngine Start( ) is issued
- Clip plays beyond EOS.  Fixed setting of the actual normal play time
(NPT) when repositioning.
- Modified OSCL and player driver handling of external file handles in
the player.
- MP3 PS - Repositioning is not working properly
- MP3 Parser needs to validate consecutive mp3 headers before parsing
- Crash in MIO component due to setPeer(NULL) is not called
- Improvements and robustness in thumbnail generation from normal and
corrupted clips
- Improvements in stability of Author Engine Unit tests when using OMX
encoder node
- Modify OSCL Mempool to assert when a buffer is deallocated back to
mempool twice in a row
- Fix a possible race condition in omx proxy threads.
- H263 decoder (OMX version) needs to remove the DEFAULT width-height
- Oscl file cache assert when reading binary file in text mode
- AAC and MP3 decoders have ARMv4 incorrect defines on normalization
routines. (see,9668)
- AMR component roles do not distinguish between AMR_NB and AMR_WB
- OSCL shared library avoid dlopen() leaking in case of failure(dlsym
() fails)
- Mp3 Clip hangs for some time when repositioned near to the end
- PV_atof will return a value that is larger than it should be if the
input string has a CR at the end
- Sequence number rollover in RTP info param during prolonged RTSP


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On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 1:20 PM, orangechicken


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